The EOS Digital SDK (EDSDK in short) is a C library provided by Canon to control their cameras from a Computer. While Canon provides .Net wrappers (C#, VB, VC), they are rather basic and outdated. In contrast, the EDSDKAPI provides methods for everything you might need and is up to date.
This includes:
  • Taking photos
  • Start/stop filming
  • Viewing the Liveview on the computer
  • Saving photos on the computer
  • Setting and getting various camera settings
  • Processing Canon RAW images
  • And more...
While there are high level methods for everything you might need, you still have access to the low level SDK methods. With two main classes, the Camera and the RawImage class, you have separate control over plugged in cameras and local RAW image files.
The API is written in C#, so the library can be used for other .Net languages as well.

This library is a wrapper around the Canon SDK and the Canon SDK is NOT included.
I'm not affiliated with or funded by Canon Inc. in any way.


License Distribution Price
Non-Commercial Binary 96€
Commercial Binary 300€
Commercial Source 420€

*All prices include 20% VAT
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