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Johannes Bildstein
Bundesstr. 52
6923 Lauterach
About me
Hello, my name is Johannes, I'm 33 years old and a professional programmer and hobbyist photographer. I'm absolutely fascinated by the logic and the possibilities programming offers and on the other hand I enjoy the creativity and visual challenge when doing photography.
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Short Bio

Professionally I mainly develop web applications for a small IT company. Personally I like to write libraries like my wrapper for the Canon SDK or my color management library. My main fields of expertise are .Net/C# (including WinForms and WPF), Asp.Net MVC and Javascript/CSS/HTML.

In the field of photography I successfully completed the Masterclass Photography (WIFI Vorarlberg) in 2013. A little while after that, a part of the students started to organize an exhibition named Chroma. It was held in 2014 and again in 2015. My favorite subject is nature in all its glory, big and small, alive and static.

In my free time I like to go out for very long walks, barefoot whenever I can, go hiking in the Austrian mountains or travel around with my backpack. When I'm home, I shred my guitar, throw some paint on a canvas or simply read a book with some good music.